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Werks Reunion Amelia Island stories from around the web [w/video]

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The first Werks Reunion Amelia Island had a great turnout, with nearly 700 Porsches, thousands of participants and spectators, and, it seems, a number of automotive media outlets. Here's are the stories we've found from across the web, all in one place.

Starting off with something a bit left of center is Tyler Hoover’s zany video (pictured above; watch it below) that probably confused more than a few people who were nearby when he was filming. But we got a kick out of the fact he drove his $9,500 1999 911 Carrera with upwards of 240,000 miles from Kansas to Amelia Island, displayed his Porsche at Werks, and then drove all the way back. Watch his video below, and be sure to keep tabs on his 996 on Oversteer by Autotrader.

Pirelli, the presenting sponsor of Werks Reunion Amelia Island, and Car Throttle also put together two stellar videos which you can watch below.

And be sure to watch the video below for a tour of the show field early in the morning:

Other stories from around the web:

Autoweek | Porsche bonanza! Almost 700 cars attend the first-ever Amelia Island Werks Reunion | "First Porsche Werks Reunion on Amelia Island scores big time"

Automobile | "Seven Star Porsches at the 2017 Werks Reunion Amelia Island"


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