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Video: Porsche's second episode of 9:11 Magazine stuns with rally 911

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Porsche recently launched an online video-format publication called 9:11 Magazine to complement its long-running print magazine, Christophorus. Episode 1 was joined nearly simultaneously by Episode 2, titled “Pure.”

In the roughly nine minutes and eleven seconds it takes to watch, you’ll learn the story of Dr. Erik Brandenburg, who races and builds rally 911s on the side; see the teardown of a mid-’80s Carrera 3.2-liter engine in stop-motion glory; go back in time with Porsche factory historian Dieter Landenberger; and tour Porsche’s “secret” warehouse.

Thus far both episodes have been entertaining and we look forward to three more in 2017. Watch the video above, or click here to visit the episode’s mini-site.

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