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Video: Less is More: IdaTude 930

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Back in February, when Tech Tactics East was held at Porsche Cars North America’s East Coast training facility and parts warehouse, Rob Ida and his stunning custom 1986 911 Turbo were scheduled for a presentation to hundreds of PCA members in attendance. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, he could not make it. Fortunately, Porsche Panorama had plans to photograph and film the Turbo for an article and a video.

The Ida family has long been a part of the automotive industry, with firm roots in the ill-fated Tucker brand from the 1940s. Since then, the family has branched out into all sorts of custom car work, from American muscle to German sports cars, such as the 930 profiled here.

We admire the custom body panels, the stance, the 500 horsepower, and the insane attention to every little detail that makes this car what it is. We could go on about the Pirelli P7 Corsa Classic semi-slick tires, the custom-made (by Braid) Fuchs-style wheels, and the paint color from a 1960s Daimler truck. Instead, just watch the video above for a detailed look at the Turbo, narrated by Rob Ida and Panorama photographer Michael Alan Ross. For an even more in-depth story, if you’re a PCA member or Test Drive program participant, click here to read it in the April 2017 Panorama.

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