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Book Review: Curves: Scotland (volume 8)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Article by Benjamin Shahrabani
Photos courtesy Delius Klasing

Title: Curves: Scotland
Author: Stefan Bogner
Publisher: Delius Klasing
Format: Paperback, 258 pages
Where to buy: Delius Klasing or Amazon
How much: 15 Euro or $19.98 (Amazon)

Scotland might not spring immediately to mind for an epic road trip — it didn’t for me — but after perusing the stunning scenery captured within the eighth and latest entry in publisher Delius Klasing’s “Curves” series, one might do well to reconsider, because it is plainly evident from the mountain passes and forest trails to lochs and coastal views that Scotland is an underappreciated driving paradise. 

Scotland is a small country — about the size of South Carolina for comparison — and no part of the country is more than 50 miles from the sea. So while Scotland may lack the expansiveness or grandeur of the United States or continental Europe, it makes up for it in the quality and variety of its geography while being far quieter and more secluded due to its relative isolation. Author Stefan Bogner and his team travelled almost the entire breadth and width of Scotland in Porsche’s latest Panamera 4 E-Hybrid. It’s an indisputably epic drive with unique and sometimes jaw-dropping sights, and the photography of virtually empty roads, landscapes, and locales is at the same time both eerie and evocative. Included within is an accompanying map that offers route guidance, while an often-whimsical text (in both German and English as is the Delius Klasing custom) offers commentary about each leg of the drive, including distance, terrain, and any scenic stops.

Armchair road trippers might get their fill from within the pages of this book, but a much more likely outcome is the strong motivation to get out and go for a drive, wherever that might be. Inspiring.

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