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Ex-Jo Siffert Porsche 917 consigned to Gooding & Co. [w/video]

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Image copyright and courtesy of Gooding & Company
Photo by Mathieu Heurtault

The Monterey consignments are just starting to solidify and Gooding & Company just set the bar rather high — the ex-Jo Siffert 917K in Gulf colors, to be exact. With a pre-sale estimate of $13 million to $16 million, if it hammers sold, it will almost certainly be the most expensive Porsche ever to sell at public auction.

Although perhaps not possessed of the most compelling race history of any 917, the car certainly has an interesting enough past. 917-024 was used as a test car during the 1970 run-up to the Le Mans 24 Hours (by Brian Redman no less) after which it was purchased by factory driver Jo Siffert. Siffert in turn leased the car to Steve McQueen’s Solar Productions and was used both on-camera and as a chase car in McQueen’s seminal race film Le Mans. The car remained with Siffert until his tragic death in 1971 at Brands Hatch. The last task the car performed for Siffert was to lead his funeral procession. 

Those who pay attention to this stuff will recall that this is the same car that was consigned to the Gooding & Company Pebble Beach sale in 2014 but was pulled before the sale. Here is Gooding’s official statement on that:

“After being discovered in 2001, 917-024 underwent a restoration that focused on the car being prepared for vintage racing with an emphasis on driver safety. This fastidious and detailed work included the production and use of a replacement chassis,” states David Gooding, President and Founder of Gooding & Company. “To prepare 917-024 for auction, Gooding & Company advised that the Porsche be re-restored with its original chassis for greater historic authenticity.  Due to the extensive nature of this process, which included consultation from the Porsche Factory and leading 917 historian Walter Näher, the car was not ready in time for our 2014 Pebble Beach Auctions. Today, all of that extensive restoration work has been completed with every detail carefully documented, and 917-024 is now ready for its auction debut.” 

For more on how the 917 became a world-beater, be sure to check out Jay Gillotti’s story “Tall Tail” in the June issue of Porsche Panorama. To hear the sounds of the 917's flat 12 and see it go around a race track, watch the video below.

Source: Gooding & Company

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