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Video: Explore Porsche quality, from the millionth 911 to a 725,000-mile 911 Turbo

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Porsche’s 9:11 Magazine continues with episode three, in which the automaker explores the meaning of quality with several stories. They include the 1,000,000th 911, the 919 Hybrid 30-hour endurance test, the 944S driven around the world, a tour of Porsche’s quality control center, and finally one man’s 1976 911 Turbo (930) with 725,000 miles.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche stars in the first spot, highlighting the special meaning to him of 1,000,000 911s produced since the first in 1963 (and also why the millionth is Irish Green). We also love seeing the 919 Hybrid put through its paces, all grimy from hours of testing, it's screaming V4 healthy well past 24 hours of running. Perhaps the most meaningful testament of quality over time is Bill MacEachern’s 930 and the huge number of miles he’s driven it. It’s a sexy-looking car, lowered with some brutal-looking five-lug wheels that would look at home on a 917 endurance racer. Yet based on appearance, we’d never guess it’s well on its way to a million miles.

Treat yourself to a little over nine minutes of Porsche’s video magazine above.

Source: Porsche via YouTube

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