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Video: Generation Gap – 944 Turbo vs. Macan GTS

Friday, July 21, 2017

For the latest issue of Porsche Panorama, a bit of brainstorming planted a seed for an unlikely story: What would happen if we pit a 944 Turbo against a Macan GTS on track, with a professional race car driver at the wheel? We wondered whether 30 years of technological developments would allow an SUV weighing more than two tons to beat one of the best sports cars of the 1980s. Well, we have the answer, and the result may surprise you.

Before you watch professional racer David Donohue give his impressions of both cars, then proceed to set fast lap times at VIR, consider the similarities of the two Porsches in spite of their obvious differences. Both represent the entry-level model lines of their times, and both are a few steps up from their respective base models. Adjusted for inflation, the 944 Turbo’s MSRP for 1987 is less than $5,000 more than an option-less Macan GTS. The GTS carries less weight per horsepower, yet the 944 Turbo’s smaller footprint, lighter weight, and lower center of gravity could give it an edge.

You’ll have to watch the video above to find out — and if you’re a member, read the in-depth story, “Generation Gap” by Norman Mayersohn.

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Video by Will Keown

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