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Book Review: Bobby's Got a Brand-New Car

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Article by Benjamin Shahrabani

Title: Bobby’s Got A Brand-New Car
Publisher: words & pictures
Author(s): Zidrou, Sebastian Chebret
Format: Hardcover, 32-pages
Where to Buy: Quarto Knows
How Much: £11.99 (~$15.50 at time of writing)

Dispensing with plot, but certainly not personality, Bobby’s Got A Brand-New Car written by author Zidrou and illustrated by Sebastian Chebret is an adventure about a boy who desires to purchase the car of his dreams. Luckily for Bobby, he happens to possess a magic card “that pays for everything.” Wouldn’t we all love that? So Bobby confidently saunters into a dealership where a friendly salesman immediately rushes over to help and show him his marque’s various wares. They look and look until they find the perfect match for Bobby, a beautiful Eggshell Blue convertible. With all the usual pleasantries completely taken care of by the aforementioned magic card — apparently Bobby didn’t have his eye on a hard to get GT3, or does a magic card take care of that too? — Bobby takes off on his driving adventure with a vroom!

The illustrations by Chebret are loose, breezy, and imaginative, and serve as an eye-catching counterpoint to the simple, all-ages text. Although from several angles the convertible the Bobby ultimately chooses does have a very 911-like nose and minimal space for the rear occupants, this whimsical tale of wish fulfillment is not Porsche-specific. However, whether you have a reluctant reader or a bookworm in the making, Bobby’s Got A Brand-New Car will help open your child’s mind to a wonderful hobby that will enrich their lives, and get them dreaming about their first car…whatever it might be.

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