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Five interesting bits of Porsche history from the Museum warehouse

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The current Porsche Museum is a far cry from what used to greet visitors to Stuttgart years ago. Still, space is far from unlimited. Cars that have been rotated out of display, awaiting restoration, or just in deep storage are housed in a warehouse in an unassuming office park in a part of Stuttgart that we’re not allowed to disclose. Here are some interesting pieces of Porsche history that we photographed on a recent trip:

Porsche 928 Cabriolet

Shown at the 1985 Frankfurt Motor Show and unseen since (other than during a brief retrospective at the museum on cars of the transaxle era), this 928 cabriolet version of the facelifted S4 looks quite handsome.

Porsche 911S LWB

Porsche was always looking for a way to expand its lineup to accommodate owners with families. In this case, it went the route that Jaguar took with the E-type in 1966 and stretched the wheelbase to accommodate back seats. There was genuine head and leg room in this concept, but like the E-type, the lines of the car were terminally compromised in the process. Unlike Jaguar, Porsche elected not to proceed.

Porsche 959 Cutaway

It was truly jarring to see a priceless 959 that looked as though someone had taken a Sawzall to it. Yet here it was, a cutaway 959. Built to showcase the car’s groundbreaking technology, it looked like it was in the process of being freshened up for display.

928 Shooting Brake

Consider this the ancestor of the new Panamera Sport Turismo. This 928 wagon was tucked in a corner, not exactly easy to photograph, but totally intriguing nonetheless.

A Wall of Transaxle Cars

This scene was truly impressive if for no other reason than it resembled the last scene of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in which the Ark of the Covenant gets wheeled into a vast warehouse. The Speed Yellow 968 Club Sport in the foreground was particularly enticing.

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