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Video: A surprising way Porsches and coffee go great together

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Local Porsche Club of America meet-ups and other car shows usually start early in the morning, so of course coffee is a natural pairing to keep attendees’ eyelids from drooping. But we would have struggled to see how else Porsches and the caffeinated drink are a perfect combination — until we learned the story of Mark Morgan, an illustrator whose career was boosted when people started to notice his drawings on used coffee cups.

It started innocently enough, when Morgan would be at a coffee shop without any paper on hand yet had an itch to draw Porsches. The cup became his canvas, and “people seemed to like it,” he says. That first cup ended up in the trash, but requests for more started coming in soon after.

Since then, he’s expanded his design company Triplespresso with more Porsche artwork and even performed a live illustration at Luftgekühlt 4, a car show dedicated to air-cooled Porsches co-founded by Porsche Factory Driver Patrick Long.

Watch the video above by the Praemio YouTube channel for Morgan’s full story.

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