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PCA Spotlight: Exploring extra fire protection with fire-retardant undergarments

Monday, December 18, 2017

Too often drivers who enjoy taking their Porsche to the track put an outsize focus on vehicle preparation and not enough into protecting themselves with the safety equipment they choose to wear. We brought TraqGear Founder Roger Burdette to PCA's garage to explain how different clothing materials offer various levels of fire protection.

Burdette's time in the fire-retardant clothing industry has uncovered some unusual thinking in the driving community about the importance of safety in driving gear versus fashion or comfort. A High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) participant might throw on a cotton or polyester shirt — fashionable, comfortable — not knowing that the former will ignite under an open flame, while the latter will melt. Neither outcome is desirable during a vehicle fire, so watch the video above to learn about how new materials technology can give you more protection.

As a member benefit, be sure to head to the PCA Web Store if you want to purchase a discounted TraqGear SuperLite shirt with a PCA Club Racing logo. Special thanks to Pirelli, a sponsor of PCA driving programs such as HPDE and PCA Club Racing, for making the discount possible.

PCA Club Racing TraqGear shirts sponsored by Pirelli

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