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Here are the Fall 2017 Member Only Raffle winners [w/video]

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Though Porsche isn't in the business of making bad cars (and SUVs), some models just resonate with people more than others. Case in point: When the grand prize was a Cayman GT4 in the spring 2015 raffle, we amassed enough entries to give away a record six Porsches. Well, it happened again, and we think it's because you, the members, really want a Carrera T. So without further ado, here are the six Fall 2017 Member Only Raffle winners.

  • Richard W. Pearce — Green Mountain Region
  • Newman F. Bowden — Peachstate Region
  • Greg Laverseyn — Pacific Northwest Region
  • Thomas Kurowski — Chicago Region
  • Paul Spera — Florida Citrus Region
  • Kurt Koch — Riesentöter Region

UPDATE: 2-26-2018: Executive Director Vu Nguyen recently surprised a raffle winner, Kurt Koch, with his grand prize. Watch the video below:

Why are members excited about the Porsche 911 Carrera T, you might ask? Because Porsche designed it for driving enthusiasts who don't need a 500-horsepower GT3. Instead of exciting drivers with big horsepower, the T makes do with the Carrera's 370-hp flat six while taking some of the best bits from Porsche's top performance cars. This includes (optional) carbon fiber bucket seats, Sport Chrono (but uniquely without the dash-mounted timer), Sport PASM suspension, shorter gearing for the seven-speed manual, and more. Some of the equipment, such as the bucket seats, were not previously available on the base Carrera. You can read more about it here.

Thanks to all who participated in this raffle, and congratulations to the winners. Be sure to check out the Spring 2018 Member Only Raffle in a few months — let's try to make it seven Porsches next time!

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