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On-screen Porsche 911 movie appearances you might not have caught

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Images courtesy Internet Movie Cars Database unless noted

Virtually everyone is familiar with the movie “Risky Business” for the often-quoted 928/"which one of you is the U-boat commander" line. And then there's the otherwise forgettable Jeff Bridges film “Against All Odds” and its spectacular 911 Carrera cab/Ferrari 308 street race scene. And don't get us started on the numerous fake Speedsters that seemed to litter every hit movie from the 1980s. But there are a few cool 911 screen appearances that haven't reached pop cultural icon status. You may have forgotten them, or never seen them at all:

Atomic Blonde (2017)

Courtesy Product Placement Blog

I’m still surprised by the number of Porsche people who have never seen this film, which, cars aside, is a pretty tight spy thriller. Set in 1989, just as the Berlin Wall was coming down, Charlize Theron does a really credible female take on Daniel Craig’s brooding and nasty James Bond. Full of CIA/MI6/KGB/Stasi agents and double agents, the automotive eye-candy is impressive, from an Alfa Romeo Montreal, to an Audi Quattro V8 and numerous MK II Volkswagen Golfs and Lada Nivas. But the hero car was of course a 911 — a then new 964 Carrera 4 (strangely, with Cup wheels and a Turbo tail). The thumping ’80s soundtrack makes the car seem even more sexy and appealing, if that’s humanly possible.

Smuggler’s Blues (1984)

Courtesy YouTube

This one was actually an MTV music video made to promote a single from ex-Eagle Glenn Frey’s album “The Allnighter.” Unlike most music videos, this one engaged in some decent storytelling involving a double-crossed Columbian cocaine cartel. Glenn Frey learns the meaning of payback while behind the wheel of a 911 SC Cabriolet. The video fades to black with a radio announcer reading the news: “Still no clue in the mystery shooting of a Miami businessman.” The video won an MTV Video Music Award in 1985 and inspired an episode of “Miami Vice” also starring Frey.

The Martian (2015)

You had to look quickly for this one — a Guards Red 1983 911 SC cabriolet — in a quick scene that showed the car entering the Johnson Space Center. The movie was set about 20 years in the future, so seeing the 911 of that vintage being driven daily is no stranger than seeing a character in a movie set in the present daily driving an early 911 or a 356. Either way, it’s a clever way to avoid having the film look silly to audiences in just a few years. Anyone who has ever seen “Back to the Future 2” knows that guessing what cars will look like in the not-too-distant future never seems to go very well. Go old. Problem solved.

Annie Hall (1977)

Christopher Walken (not exactly cast against type) plays the title character’s unhinged brother Duane, who gives Woody Allen a thoroughly unsettling ride to the airport in what appears to be a silver 1972 911E Targa. 

Office Space (1999)

It’s tough to believe that this cult classic Mike Judge film is going on 20 years old. And unfortunately, the 911 driver in this film seems to reinforce numerous negative stereotypes about Porsche drivers. Gary Cole brilliantly plays everyone’s smarmy manager from Hell, Bill Lumbergh, the owner of a very cool Minerva Blue 911 SC coupe with a Turbo tail and 7- and 8-inch Fuchs wheels. Two cars were reportedly used in the filming of the movie and both according to the Internet Movie Car Database survive as PCA Club Racing cars.

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