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Video: Driving Porsche's Mission E/Taycan Cross Turismo concept

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Article by Damon Lowney

Much has been written about Porsche's Mission E electric sedan concept (recently renamed Taycan), yet for all of the information about it floating around the internet, there's nothing like seeing the EV in action.

In the video above, Tom Voelk, New York Times contributor and host of Driven Car Reviews, shares with us his experience driving the Mission E/Taycan Cross Turismo concept and brings along Dr. Stefan Weckbach, Porsche Vice President of Battery Electric Vehicles. The 15-minute video covers many subjects dear to Porsche enthusiasts' hearts, including how the Taycan might sound, how it will fit into Porsche's model lineup, what it feels like to drive, and more.

We realize Porsche's foray into electric vehicles is a jarring move for those who've pledged allegiance to the internal combustion engine, but if you want what may be the closest look yet at the electric vehicle concept and the direction of Porsche's future, we recommend you watch the video.

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