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Mart Fresh: Four to the fore, or six amidships?

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Photos by the sellers except where noted

A popular PCA member benefit is The Mart, the club’s classifieds section online and in each issue of Porsche Panorama. Mart Fresh is a bi-weekly column in which PCA media staff pick what they think are the "freshest" Porsches currently available, and then attempt to explain their reasoning. Only PCA members and Test Drive program participants have access to seller contact information. Always invest in a pre-purchase inspection for any Porsche you may consider, as seller descriptions and pictures don’t always tell the full story.

2011 Porsche Cayman - $19,800

Late 987 Caymans don’t often show up under $20,000. The miles and the fact that this is a base car with a PDK automatic transmission nudges the price to just under the magic twenty-grand mark. But still, this is just a seven year-old Porsche, and the non-DFI, post-IMS bearing, 2.9-liter engines have proven to be robust, and 115,000 miles isn’t crazy high, it simply means that you won’t get more anxious with every click of the odometer. Change the engine and transaxle oil on a regular basis, and there’s probably another 100K miles left in this.  I’d be surprised if this car lasts a week in The Mart. — Rob Sass, Editor in Chief and Director of Content, Porsche Panorama and

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1999 Porsche Boxster - $9,200

I’m a bit partial to this 1999 Boxster because we have one in our garage and we love it! This one looks to be a very well maintained example that also has a hard-to-find matching hard top. Most hard tops have been bought and used in the racing arena. The blue and tan color combo is perfect for a droptop. It looks like a good amount of recent maintenance adds up to nearly half of the asking price. As with any modern Porsche with an intermediate shaft (IMS) and , a thorough PPI is a must. If all check at well, this car is a steal at $9,200. — Vu Nguyen, Executive Director, Porsche Club of America

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1989 Porsche 944 S2 - $12.900

As a former 944 S2 owner, I guess I have seller's remorse judging by how much time I think about how my life would be if I'd kept it. Though I was planning on choosing something left of center of my tastes for this Mart Fresh, when I saw this S2 in beautiful Velvet Red, I couldn't help myself. It has reasonable mileage, looks to have been very well kept, and service records are available. The factory optional limited-slip differential is a nice thing to have if you plan to autocross or take it to the track, as well as an extra set of Porsche Cup I wheels. As on all front-engined water-cooled Porsches, knowing when the timing belt and water pump were replaced is a must, and if that is not known, plan on replacing them immediately. For a rare car in a rare color, $12,900 seems more than reasonable — don't let a few service items dissuade you. — Damon Lowney, Digital Media Coordinator, Porsche Club of America

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