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PCA Spotlight: Vonnen's Porsche gasoline-electric hybrid system

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Porsche has not yet delivered a gasoline-electric hybrid 911 to the masses, and the iconic sports car could be the last in the lineup to receive electric propulsion — after all, a battery and motor add weight, the enemy of performance. Northern California company Vonnen, however, sees things differently and has successfully built a lightweight ~175-horsepower hybrid system that can be fitted to a modern 911, like this 991.1-generation Carrera. In the video above, we set out to learn what it is and whether it's a worthy alternative to other performance modifications, such as turbocharging.

Our opportunity to experience this hybrid system came during PCA's Tech Tactics West event at Porsche Cars North America's West Coast Training Facility in December. In between technical presentations, PCA Past President Manny Alban drove the car and gave us his impressions, while Vonnen CEO Chuck Moreland went in depth about the system in front of our cameras.

Vonnen is taking orders and will start deliveries of customer cars in Q1 2019.

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