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Mart Fresh: Which convertible Porsche to prepare for spring?

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Photos by the sellers except where noted

A popular PCA member benefit is The Mart, the club’s classifieds section online and in each issue of Porsche Panorama. Mart Fresh is a bi-weekly column in which PCA media staff pick what they think are the "freshest" Porsches currently available, and then attempt to explain their reasoning. Only PCA members and Test Drive program participants have access to seller contact information. Always invest in a pre-purchase inspection for any Porsche you may consider, as seller descriptions and pictures don’t always tell the full story.

1990 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 Cabriolet - $31,000

I get that 911 cabriolets aren’t exactly the flavor of the month at the moment, but hear me out on this one.  This is an under 100,000-mile 964 with an asking price of just $31,000.  Yeah, but for that money, it’s a Tiptronic, with lots of needs, right? Nope, it’s a manual box car with zero needs according to the seller.  The white with a blue interior and blue top are really attractive and seemingly in nice shape. If this were a C2 coupe, the asking price would likely be close to $20K higher. Seriously, this is way too big of a price differential on a car that, come June, will be a positively delightful sunny day cruiser. I am sorely tempted, nice air-cooled 911s simply don’t get any cheaper than this. — Rob Sass, Editor in Chief and Director of Content, Porsche Panorama and

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1974 Porsche 914 2.0 - $4,500

This week’s pick happens to be a model celebrating its debut from 50 years ago. For years the 914 was often disrespected, but the tide has turned for these fun-to-drive classics. Sure they don’t have much power nor advanced suspension systems, but that is part of their charm. Driving one takes you back to a simpler time. It doesn’t get much more analog than this. There is little to distract you in the interior, and the open-air motoring experience makes the most dull route entertaining. It does come with a few issues that you’ll need to address, but according to the owner it runs well. This would be a fun project for someone who has the time. I love the vintage color. Personally I’d toss the rear deck wing and fill the holes. Definitely inspect the car for rust at the suspension points, rocker panels, and battery tray. This car is the cheapest car in the Mart at time of writing.  For less then $5,000, this could be a fun weekend runabout. I wish the seller luck with their health. — Vu Nguyen, Executive Director, Porsche Club of America

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2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder - $59,000

It’s hard for me to believe you can find a 987-generation Boxster Spyder for less than MSRP when new (more than $62,000), yet here’s one with just 24,000 miles that’s listed for $59,000. The Spyder was a focused driver’s car with lightweight interior, fabric top, and wheels, plus aluminum door panels. The stereo system was a no-cost option. Analog, single-rate shocks and overall sublime suspension tuning made the 320-horsepower Spyder a joy to drive on both road and track. It’s an especially adept back-road bomber. Keep in mind, this isn’t meant to be an all-weather sports car, and the top requires getting out of the car and a minute or two to raise. As always, get a pre-purchase inspection. — Damon Lowney, Digital Media Coordinator, Porsche Club of America

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