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Video: Hagerty Valuation Seminar — What a difference a year makes

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

How volatile is the Porsche collector car market? Join Hagerty’s Brad Phillips and our panel of experts to discuss the Porsches that have had the biggest gains or losses in the past year in the video above. We’ll hear what Dave Kinney, Nathan Merz, Rob Sass, and Porsche’s Ray Shaffer have to say regarding the ups and downs of the Porsche market.

Brad Phillips: Moderator — The national relationship manager for Hagerty, Brad Phillips has been a car enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He has owned and restored cars from the Nickel era through the 1980s, including two short wheelbase 911s. A veteran of long-distance tours and rallies, Brad may be the only person to have attempted to drive an Amphicar from Tennessee to Vermont. In the past two years, he has also put well over 15,000 miles on his Ferrari 308, driving to events all over the country. Brad is currently restoring a Sunbeam Tiger and a recently purchased 1987 G50 Carrera Coupe. Professionally, Brad has been involved with collector car insurance since 2003.

Dave Kinney — Dave Kinney is an appraiser and publisher of the Hagerty Price Guide. Beginning in his early teens, he worked at a dealership that sold classic and exotic cars, and although he was bored with school, he couldn’t get enough information about the history, back stories, and characters surrounding cars from the earliest ages. During the past 25 years, Kinney has owned hundreds of collector vehicles and has participated in the sale, repair, and valuation of all types of automobiles, although he is always drawn back to the Studebaker Avanti, of which he’s owned well over 100.

Rob Sass — Deeply rooted in the collector car world, Rob Sass has covered the classic car market for The New York Times, Sports Car Market, Classic and Sports Car magazine, and Autoweek. While Hagerty’s vice president of content, he served as the publisher of Hagerty magazine, and is the former editor-in-chief of Chevrolet’s New Roads magazine. He continues to contribute to the Hagerty Price Guide, and is the editor-in-chief of Porsche Panorama. Rob has owned approximately 50 collector cars, including a selection of air and water-cooled Porsches, as well as everything from a Buick Riviera to a Daimler SP 250.

Ray Shaffer — A 20-year veteran of working with and for Porsche, Ray Shaffer is the manager for Porsche Classic Business Development and curates the company’s Porsche Classic Heritage Gallery at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta. In 2015, he left Brumos Porsche after 16 years, finishing as general manager, and joined Porsche as the Classic and Delivery Center manager. At the Classic Delivery Center, Shaffer also established the Porsche Classic Factory Restoration program. A frequent panelist, podcast guest, and speaker on Porsche and auto racing, with which he’s been involved for many years, Ray has raced in a variety of cars and classes.

Nathan Merz — Nathan Merz is a native of Kirkland, Washington, and a member of the Pacific Northwest and Inland Northwest PCA regions. Long a dedicated reader of magazines like Car and Driver, and an avid Porsche enthusiast, his favorite is his 1971 911E coupe. To combine his passion and his livelihood, the sales and marketing professional switched careers 11 years ago and founded Columbia Valley Luxury Cars, which focuses primarily on Porsches. In addition to his love of high-performance German cars, the married father of four stays fit with a variety of outdoor challenges, including obstacle courses and marathons.

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