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Video: Learning Curves — High Performance Drivers Education

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Video by Motor House Media

Do you want to learn how to drive your high-performance Porsche? Porsche Club of America has just the thing for you: our High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) program, in which you can take your Porsche to a track near you and receive quality instruction from experienced instructors — and really learn how to safely extract performance from your Porsche.

PCA Regions in North America regularly hold HPDE events at various race tracks, and PCA members are invited to sign up and learn how to drive their Porsches at speed. What's more, PCA HPDE events often allow non-members to take part in the fun.

We recently went to Virginia International Raceway to film a video about PCA's HPDE program, which includes perspectives from new students, veterans, and instructors. Watch the video above to see what HPDE is all about!

For more information on HPDE:

And to find an event near you, check out your local Region's website:

PCA HPDE is sponsored by Pirelli Tires:

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