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Video: Petrolicious highlights 50th Anniversary Porsche 911 and its owner

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Article by Damon Lowney

Petrolicious is best known for its exciting and high-quality lifestyle videos about owners and their vehicles, and if you’ve been paying attention to its website or YouTube channel over the years, you’ve no doubt seen great Porsche content. Recently Petrolicious release a film depicting a 50th Anniversary 911 and its owner.

Manuel Trueba, who lives in Mexico, has a story many of us can relate to — a spark ignited his passion for Porsches in his youth, and after many years of hard work, he saved enough to purchase his first Porsche, a 50th Anniversary 911.

Trueba was lucky enough to be awarded the chance to buy his rare, limited-edition 911 purely by chance, and though it may not be the most common Porsche, he describes a common theme of Porsche ownership: He loves to drive it, and the car has helped to shape his lifestyle. Be sure to watch the video of Trueba’s story above.

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