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The under $30,000 used Porsche Macan — Does it exist?

Friday, December 13, 2019

Photo courtesy Porsche

Macan owners don’t need to be reminded of the inherent desirability of their cars, but it is nice when validation comes in the form of impressive resale value. Since its introduction, the Macan has been a perennial top-ten nameplate in terms of resale. Kelley Blue Book recently announced that it has retained its top-ten spot for 2019. So, what does that mean for anyone looking to add one to their garage, perhaps supplementing their Porsche sports car? Well, for one, it means that you’ll find few bargains, and it’s likely to be a sellers’ market with a rush of multiple buyers to any sensibly priced listing. What exactly does the entry-level of the Macan market look like at the moment? Let’s dive in.

A recent cursory look through some of the leading used car-listing platforms like and Autotrader revealed about 1,000 used Macans of every model year and trim-level for sale at any given time.  Of those, only about 40 were priced at $30,000 or less. That’s just 4% of the available used Macans. To put that into perspective, it’s only slightly easier to find a $30,000 Macan than it is to find a manual transmission Cayenne. For the record, the absolute cheapest Macan on the market at the time of this writing was a white/black 2015 Macan S with 113,900 miles on it priced at $23,499. There are currently none in the Mart on listed for less than $40,000.

So what does the typical reasonably priced starter Macan look like? Well, theoretically, a high mileage 2017 base Macan would be among the cheapest Macans out there. We say theoretically because the base model hasn’t been around that long, few have accrued a ton of miles, and frankly, we haven't seen many four-cylinder Macans in the wild. We found just one for sale in our price range, a black/black car with 52,000 miles, priced at a hair under thirty-grand. Not a bad deal if the four-cylinder will suffice for your needs. 

If you must have a Macan S on a budget, you’ll almost certainly need to go back to 2015, the first model year. Even then, the pickings are likely to be somewhat slim. Anything under $25,000 will almost certainly have in excess of 100,000 miles on it. The sweet spot of the market seems to have an asking price of $28,000 to $30,000. There, you’ll find cars in the 45,000- to 60,000-mile range. Still, you won’t find that many of them, and you’ll probably have to travel some distance to look at your sub-$30K Macan. But given the unique combination of build quality, reliability, looks and performance the Macan has, it’s probably worth the hassle to find one. After all, what’s the alternative?

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