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Video: How to not get stuck in the snow — Drive a Porsche Cayenne

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Article by Damon Lowney

The first-generation Porsche Cayenne is known for being a capable machine on the road, yet few owners take them off road in spite of being well-equipped to do just that. Todd Deeken of the EveryDay Driver YouTube channel recently decided to show us how he didn't get stuck in a snowbank on a dicey, snow-covered road in Park City, Utah, during a snow storm in his wife's base 2010 Cayenne.

Highlighting the fact that this Cayenne has low-range gearing specifically for off-roading — subsequent generations of the SUV did not have this feature — Deeken seems to have little trouble navigating the treacherous terrain. An important thing to note is the SUV is equipped with dedicated winter tires, because even the Porsche's all-wheel drive won't save an unplanned trip into a ditch without the right rubber for this type of weather.

In addition to reviewing the Cayenne's capability in the snow, he also comments on its great reliability over the course of five years of ownership. It has nearly 125,000 miles on it, about half of which were put on during their ownership, and other than scheduled maintenance, there had only been one surprise trip to the shop for an emergency repair — until shortly after this film was shot.

Watch Deeken's full review above for his full thoughts as well as to find out about the few things that have gone wrong.

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