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Video: Hong Kong man enjoys 'Joker' Porsche 911 by Kaege Retro

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Article by Damon Lowney

If you're in the market for a restomod Porsche 911, you have a lot of options, from Singer Vehicle Design to Workshop 5001 and more. William "Bill" Lai of Hong Kong, however, went a different route, enlisting Kaege Retro to build him a hot rod 911 based on the Porsche 993.

Starting with a purple 993 he found, he sent it off to Kaege in Germany for the restomod process thinking he'd have it painted a different color. On the plane ride home, he was reading a Batman comic book and decided to keep the purple paint and likening it to the villainous character, Joker. Kaege hence built the hot rod and kept the purple paint, and now Lai is enjoying the car in Hong Kong, a place where air-cooled 911s aren't exactly commonplace.

Watch Petrolicious' latest video above to find out more about "The Joker" 911 and Lai's experience with this unique Porsche.

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