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Sanitize your car's interior using Porsche's guidelines

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Article by Damon Lowney
Photo courtesy Porsche

Right now is probably a good time to clean your Porsche or other vehicles, especially the interior. While a clean, sanitized interior is always beneficial to good health, it is especially so during the covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately Porsche Cars North America was happy to share an internal document that details how Porsche dealers have been instructed to sanitize vehicles before they are delivered to customers.

This document tells us what kinds of products can be used for a thorough cleaning of an interior, cleaning techniques, areas to clean, tools to be used — for both cleaning and to protect the person cleaning — and much more.

So if you’re thinking about disinfecting your cars, download this document and keep it handy.

Download Porsche Vehicle Interior Sanitation Guidelines

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