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Video: This is how Jeff Zwart goes canoeing

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Article by Damon Lowney

Many Porsche owners understand that their cars are meant to be driven, not stowed away in a corner of the garage, yet it's taboo to see a an old Porsche 356 being slung through a gravel road with a large canoe strapped to the roof. That, apparently, is exactly how director and photographer Jeff Zwart likes to spend his offtime with his dog Jezzebel.

In the video above, which has no speaking — sound effects only — Zwart hops into his 1953 356 with his dog and proceeds to drive the Porsche ever-deeper into the wilderness on his way to a lake. It might seem crazy to take such an old car into anti-sportscar territory, but Zwart is known to drive the 356 pretty much everywhere, showing what a capable car it is despite its age and decades-old technology. We're just happy we can live vicariously through him — I'd think long and hard before taking my Cayman off road!

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