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Five crazy rare Porsche Cayenne colors

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Cayenne owners tend to be conservative in their color choices. Grays, silvers, whites, and blacks predominate. But every now and then we see a Cayenne in an unusual or an eye-popping color.  Here are five that have caught our eye recently. Do you own a Cayenne, or any other four-door in an unusual color? Be sure to head over to, PCA’s Porsche color wiki, and upload a photo.

Sand Yellow

To date, Sand Yellow is the only yellow that has been offered on the Cayenne. It’s bright, but not too bright with a lemony/buttery feel to it. Oddly enough, the only two Sand Yellow Cayenne’s that we’ve seen have been manual transmission base Cayennes—a unicorn color and a unicorn spec.

Peridot Metallic

Peridot is a green semi-precious mineral that is popular with jewelry designers. On a Cayenne, it’s a bright metallic light green with a fair amount of yellow in it. It’s one of the most eye-catching colors to show up in the Cayenne palette.

Lava Orange

Lava Orange is a sports car color that recently made its way into the the four-door world with the introduction of the Cayenne Coupe. If you haven’t seen a Lava Orange Cayenee paired with a black hounds tooth (Pepita) interior, you’ve missed what might be the most attractive Cayenne yet.

Macadamia Metallic

Brown cars don’t get a whole lotta love, but Macadamia is a rich shade of metallic brown that’s tough not to love in person, in spite of the fact that there were so few takers.

Jet Green

The Cayenne has been offered in just a handful of greens over the course of its 17-year run. Jet is one of them, and we think it’s stunning.

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