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How to open a stuck Porsche Cayenne hood

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Article and photos by Vu Nguyen

Here’s a little tip for those who own an older Cayenne. In preparation for an upcoming road trip, I thought I would pop the hood, check the oil level, and give it a general look-over. Much to my dismay, after pulling the hood release, I went to lift the hood up and the safety latch didn’t unhook. I tried to squeeze the hood release harder, but no luck. A quick search on Google about the issue yielded no substantial advice. I made a quick call to PCA Tech Expert Peter Smith, and he encouraged me to unhook the latch manually.

I grabbed a long screwdriver and a work light and taped up the area where the screwdriver might touch paint. I lifted the hood as much as I could so I could see the latch and carefully positioned the screwdriver so that I could lever the hook towards the passenger side. Once in position, I lowered the hood a bit so that there was no pressure between the hook and the pin, and voila, the hood opened. Once opened I carefully inspected the hook pivot point and it was full of road crud and rust. I cleaned it off, liberally squirted some white lithium grease onto it, and worked the hook back and forth. Now the hood release works effortlessly.

Luckily, I was home when this happened. I certainly wouldn’t want to deal with this on the side of the road or while on a road trip. Take care of this at home so it’s one less thing to worry about when you’re on your next Porsche adventure.

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