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PCA Sim Racing: Series 5, Event 4 recap: Road Atlanta with PCA Club Racing

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Article by Matthew Mitchell

Race Event 4 at Road Atlanta

PCA Sim Racing and PCA Club Racing were both at Road Atlanta this last weekend. Our broadcast included special in-the-car features from the PCA Club Race in our broadcast to show the realism of iRacing that the Sim Racers enjoy. We started the broadcast with a hot lap done by a PCA Club Racer, then immediately switched over to our Sim Racing example lap.

PCA Challenge Class sponsored by Hagerty

Above: Challenge class winner Eon Simon.

There was an exciting start to the Challenge class race. Some of the front-runners were taken out in an incident on the very first corner of the race, allowing Eon Simon to take the lead. There were several close racing moments for the Challenge class, but Eon Simon was able to hold onto the pole position to the checkered flag. John Crooke was on Simon's heals the entire race and finished in second. Justin Moreno finished out the podium spots in third.

PCA Sport Class sponsored by Leland West

Above: Sport class winner Jensen Benet.

The Sport class was able to get off to a fairly clean start to the race, carefully observing our orange zone rules. Jensen Benet was able to rocket ahead of the pack in the first couple laps, ahead of Chris Duffy and Earl Artz, Jr. The top 10 had some extremely close bumper-to-bumper racing, treating our viewers to some great passing maneuvers. In the end, Jensen Benet walked away with the win. Earl Artz, Jr. was able to hold on to the second position with Chris Duffy finishing in third.

PCA Club Class sponsored by Michelin

Above: Club class winner Sean Benet.

Club class saw some excellent qualifying times and a great start to the race. Rafael Amorim got the hole shot on the field with Adam Golightly and Sean Benet close behind. There was extremely close racing in the entire top 20 of the field, with most of the cars bumper-to-bumper for the first few laps of the race. Tres Drawhorn was able to get into the third position by the middle of the race. Benet ended up getting an edge on Amorim for the win with Amorim coming in second. Drawhorn was able to hold onto the third position at the checkered flag.

PCA Pro Class sponsored by Porsche

Above: Pro class winner Jason Lisner.

PCA Sim Racing's top tier drivers put on an excellent show right up to the checkered flag. The entire top 20 qualified within a second of one another. This is a tighter field than Formula 1. After a fierce battle in the front of the field, Jason Lisner took first place after a scuffle in the last lap. Leif Peterson drove an excellent race and finished in the second spot. Joshua Vieira finished third after a very calculated run as well.

As always we'd like to thank our sponsors Hagerty, LelandWest, Michelin, and Porsche for helping us put on this excellent series for our Porsche Club of America Sim Racers. Also have to mention Z1 Dashboard for supporting us on the data side and VRS providing a baseline setup for our racers to use. Join us Friday evenings at 7 PM Eastern at to experience the competitive driving from our Sim Racers and the excellent announcing by our Podium crew. Our next race is at Circuit of the Americas. Visit for direct links to the next event's YouTube streams.

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