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Book Review: Porsche: The Practically Free Coloring Book for Adults and Kids

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Article by Benjamin Shahrabani

Title: Porsche: The Practically Free Coloring Book for Adults and Kids
Author: Robert McGowan
Photographer: Self
Publisher: Motorbooks
Format: Softcover, 132 pages
Where to Buy: Amazon
How Much: $12.99

Coloring books are making a big comeback these days, not that they really ever left us completely, but during these social-distancing times, many have rediscovered coloring books as an escape. A new entry to the milieu is Porsche: The Practically Free Coloring Book for Adult and Kids by Robert McGowan. Better known for his Practically Free series of Porsche buyer’s guides, McGowan said that sketching and coloring pictures has always been an age-old pastime, but that a chance meeting with a beautiful red 1986 911 Targa with its big round frog eyes and iconic whale spoiler got him hooked on drawing Porsches in particular and started his Porsche journey.

Amongst the 55-car line-drawings awaiting finishing by the reader in colored pen or pencil include seminal favorites such the 356 Speedster, 904 GTS, 911 RS and 935/78 “Moby Dick,” while more contemporary models are included, too. McGowan states the illustrations took over six months to produce as he wanted to create the finest Porsche coloring book extant. We think he hit the mark with this effort that will surely appeal to both kids and the adult with his or her inner child still intact. As a bonus, the author has chosen to provide two high-resolution drawings here so you can print them out at home and get coloring. Why wait?

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