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Porsche built 1 million Cayennes in 18 years

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Article by Damon Lowney
Photo courtesy Porsche

In 2017, Porsche reached a milestone when the millionth 911 rolled off the assembly line, more than 50 years after the first one was produced. Porsche’s best-seller for most of the past two decades, the Cayenne, has reached that milestone in just 18 years.

The millionth Cayenne produced was a coupe variant in Carmine Red, and Porsche noted just how far the company has come since the first ones made it to customers in 2002. While the Boxster and 996-generation 911 may be credited for pulling the automaker out of a sales slump, the Cayenne tapped into the growing SUV trend and became Porsche’s best seller.

Though the Cayenne initially was met with criticism by Porsche traditionalists, now many of those same people use the SUV to tow their 911s. Regardless of what anyone thinks, it’s Porsche’s four-door vehicles that keep Porsche profitable and able to make the best sports cars in the world.

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