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Video: 750 Porsche Panorama covers in less than two minutes

Friday, September 13, 2019

Porsche Club of America's official birthday was September 13, 1955, at a steakhouse in Washington, DC. That same year had another PCA milestone: The club printed the first issue of its now award-winning magazine, Porsche Panorama, in December 1955.

Panorama has been printed continuously ever since, and the September issue marks #750. In celebration of 750 issues, we've put together the video above, which flips through every cover in less than two minutes. If you would like to watch a longer version that flips through a cover per second, watch the video below. And finally, be sure to read the story in this month's magazine that features every cover and adds commentary from PCA's historian and other key figures from Panorama's history.

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