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Video: The Screamer: A $200,000+ Porsche 944 Turbo

Monday, December 17, 2018

Video by Will Keown
Photo by Clint Davis

PCA Hurricane Region Member Steve Bastian has loved Porsches since the 1980s, and instead of pouring his automotive passion into just air-cooled or rear-engined cars (he has those, too), his pride and joy is a highly modified 1989 944 Turbo that he lovingly refers to as a "944 RS." We saw it at PCA's Werks Reunion Amelia Island this year, and when we learned Bastian and the previous owner had more than $200,000 invested in it, we had to find out more.

Bastian's 944 Turbo is a far cry from how it rolled off the factory line, with the inline four bored out to 2.7 liters and 400+ horsepower plus braking and suspension upgrades to match. The exterior color is a custom formulation based off of Porsche Fashion Gray, and the interior has been spared no expense. Watch the video above, and be sure to click here to read the in-depth article in the December 2018 Porsche Panorama.

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