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Video: How Road Scholars restored a Porsche Abarth 356 Carrera GTL in four months

Friday, May 15, 2020

Cam Ingram and his crew at Road Scholars are known to perform top-flight restorations of all types of Porsches, including this über-rare 1961 Porsche Abarth 356 Carrera GTL. The difference with the Abarth's restoration was that it had to be completed, from start to finish, in four months to make Pebble Beach in 2019.

The Abarth in question is one of just 21 to have been built, and it was one of the Porsches caught in the gas line exposion at the renowned Ingram Collection in April 2019. Fortunately the Abarth was spared the worst, and what the Road Scholars team found once it stripped the car to a bare chassis was clean, uncorroded sheetmetal, a surprisingly nice starting point that allowed a showing at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in August seem within grasp.

In the end, Road Scholars achieved a First in Class at Pebble Beach. Find out what it took to get it there in the video above.

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