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Video: The Last of the Analog Porsches

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Video by Valkyr Productions
Photo by Evan Klein

As cars become increasingly computerized to make driving easier and safer, there's a growing faction of enthusiastic hold-outs who would rather do the driving themselves. This tends to mean their cars are at least 15 years old, though some would argue a 2003 model is too new to be truly analog. Which got us to thinking: What were the last of the analog Porsches — and why?

Our choices, the stars of this video and the accompanying Porsche Panorama article by Basem Wasef, are sure to spark arguments: 1994 968, 1997 911 Carrera (993), and 2003 Boxster S (986). All three have power steering, ABS, and airbags. All three are minimalist sports cars that are exciting to drive. Watch the video above to find out why we consider these three to be among the last of the analog Porsches. Be sure to read the in-depth article when you receive your January 2018 issue of Panorama, or click here to read it online.

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