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Porsche Parade 2014: Welcome party, concours, and rally

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Porsche Parade Monterey hasn’t even reached the halfway mark, yet it has squeezed in some of the best experiences the Porsche Club of America has to offer in just two-and-a-half days.

Parade kicked off on Sunday with check-in, Le Mans viewing with a 919 Hybrid rolling chassis on display in the hotel courtyard, Parade 101 for first-time attendees, the PCA Board of Directors Meeting (PCA is doing very well from member-growth and financial standpoints), and the Welcome Party sponsored by Pirelli. While events were kept to a minimum, attendees caught up with friends, some of whom drove thousands of miles to Monterey. But the excitement really picked up at the Welcome Party: Hans-Peter Porsche, who flew in from Germany, unveiled the first Boxster GTS in the US exclusively to PCA members!

So how can an exclusive unveiling of a new Porsche be topped? Members had to look no further than the Porsche Parade Concours d’Elegance on Monday to find out. Hundreds of pristine Porsches were on display, all of which were judged for condition and originality (where applicable; there was a modified class, too). There were tons of 356s and 911s (all generations were well-represented), a great showing of 914s, some front-engined Porsches, and much more. The Porsche Historic Display included all types of cars, from the rarest street Porsches to the most radical race cars. There was a lot of everything for everybody, including a radio-controlled car concours.

And here we are, on Tuesday, “rally day.” The Time Speed Distance rally started early, with members setting off in their Porsches on the roughly four-hour adventure sponsored by Mobil 1 (read about rallies here). Tours started today, as well, so hundreds of Porsches are taking to the streets of Monterey and beyond. While Porsches are not uncommon in the area, which is home to the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, it’s truly a sight to behold when one sees at least one Porsche on the road every minute.

The RC car races and Ice Cream Social are underway at time of writing. Later there will be seminars by Dieter Landenberger on Porsche at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and PCA National President Manny Alban. The night finishes off with the Concours Banquet.

The autocross (read about autocross here) competition starts tomorrow, as well as more tours, the golf tournament, and a variety of other events.

Members can stay up to date and participate in Parade-related contests (to be announced) throughout the week by visiting, our Facebook page (Porsche Club of America), our Instagram account (pcanational), and our Twitter account (@PCANational).

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