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National Driver Education Committee 

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The PCA driver education program is the most popular program in PCA. The sporting nature of the Porsche automobile and the ability to drive it at speed attracts Porsche drivers to these type of events. These participants, as well as the Club, have expectations that the DE event will be organized and conducted with the consideration of safety for all the people at the event. It is estimated that 20,000 drivers participate in the PCA Driver Education program annually. Many regions have been operating successful programs for over a quarter of a century, while other regional programs are in their infancy. The purpose of the National DE Committee is to help disseminate the information learned from the established programs to the organizers of beginning programs. A set of Minimum Standards is used as a basic set of rules upon which to build a regional DE program. These standards a minimum in nature, and are meant to be expanded upon as each region tailors their program for their entrants.


Alex Bell — DE Chairman

Alex Bell is married with two adult children, and he joined PCA First Settler's Region (FSR) in 2005 after purchasing his 996 Carrera. He attended his first DE soon thereafter, and he quickly became addicted to driving his Porsche.  Alex has driven many East Coast tracks, and he completed the National Instructor training at Roebling Road in February 2008 conducted by his predecessor Pete Tremper. He obtained his PCA Club Race License and NASA Competition License in 2009, and he was treasurer of FSR from 2009–14. He has also been Chief Track Instructor (CTI) from 2012–14 and co-CTI for Zone 2. He’s still driving that 2001 996, although for some reason it’s no longer street legal!

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Bob Linville

Bob Linville, a retired Navy dentist and small business owner, joined PCA Potomac Region in 1976. He’s been a track junkie since 1984 and a driving instructor since 1986. He moved to Jacksonville in 1990, and he started Florida Crown Region’s (FCR) DE program in 1991. He was the region's DE Chair and Chief Driving Instructor for seven years, and he was CDI again from 2008–12. Bob has been a club racer since 1995; he helped organize FCR’s first club race; and he was PCA Roebling Road Club Race Chair from 2006–14. In 2000, he moved to Wisconsin with his wife, then Ohio, and back to the Jacksonville area in 2007.

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Chris Lennon

Chris Lennon, of Alpine Mountain Region (AMR), runs a media technology consulting firm, and he is a Porsche enthusiast who loves the diversity of PCA events. When not driving in DEs, he participates in club races, autocrosses, concours, and tours (and more), and he has chaired all of these events except for a club race. He’s served most positions on his Region’s board, including president, and he was heavily involved in organizing Porsche Parade 2009, in Keystone, CO. Chris has been AMR’s Chief Driving Instructor for the past three years; he is a three-time podium finisher at Pike's Peak; and he has an impressive racing resume.

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Mike Globe

Mike Globe is a retired petrophysicist who funds his racing and DE activities through limited consulting services. He has served as Lone Star Region’s (LSR) Safety Chair, Vice President, and Lead Advanced Instructor, and he currently serves as the Region’s President. He was part of the team that first developed the SP996 rules, and he worked to get the class included in PCA Club Racing.  When not instructing or attending other LSR activities, he can be found racing or polishing his 964 Turbo. Mike has two grown daughters, one on the East Coast and the other on the West Coast.

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Greg Robertson

Greg Robertson, of Southern Arizona Region (SAR), is a general surgeon who drives a 2006 Cayman S — with 150,000 miles and 125 track days (and counting). He and his wife bought their first Porsche in 1998, a 993 Cabriolet, and they did their first high-performance driving course that year. In 2006, they attended their first PCA DE, and during that event, the Chief Driving Instructor overheard Greg explaining driving theory to novices and asked him to consider instructing. Sixteen months later, after a dozen PCA DEs and a NASA DE Instructor Training Course, Greg was certified as a PCA driving instructor.

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John Krecek

John Krecek, of Great Plains Region (GPR), is a commercial real estate manager with Custom Realty in Omaha, NE. He has been on the National HPDE Committee since 2015. He has been a PCA member since 1997 when he purchased his 1987 911 Carrera. It was his daily driver in all conditions for 20 years.  Recently, he switched vehicles to a 2009 C4S.  He drives it virtually every day on the street and it is his track car. John has been a PCA instructor for 15 years, and was chairman of his Region’s club race for several years. He likes to wrench on his car with friends. John has two kids, one 15 and the other 17.  His son has refurbished a 1987 924S as his daily driver. John truly enjoys instructing and seeing students get better and faster with experience behind the wheel.

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Dave Vaccaro

Dave Vaccaro, of Connecticut Valley Region (CVR), joined PCA in 1996 and started doing DE events in 1997.  He has been a tech-inspection line volunteer since 1997 and a PCA driving instructor since 2005. Dave was a co-track chair of Connecticut Valley Region from 2006–11, and he currently serves as the Region’s DE Vice President.

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Bill Bauer

Bill Bauer, an information technology (IT) architect, is a 22-year PCA member of Pacific Northwest (PNW) Region living near Seattle. Throughout his time with PCA, he has focused on Driver Education, driver skills, and instructor programs with roles as Region Skills Chair and Chief Driving Instructor. He has been on PNW’s club board for more than six years, including four years as Region president. Bill has driven most race tracks in Washington, Oregon, and California, and his hobbies include finding new, skinny, twisty roads in the Pacific Northwest just for the love of driving.

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DE Instructor Training Consultants

Instructor Training Consultants are former DE Committee members who conduct Instructor Training Clinics.

Instructor Training Clinic Schedule

Pete Tremper

Pete Tremper, of Schattenbaum Region, was National DE Committee Chair from 2002–14; Zone 1 Representative from 1994–01 (and Zone 1 Rep again in 2015); and Schattenbaum Region President for three terms. Pete has been attending DE events since 1980, logging more 100,000 miles on track in his 914-6, and brings years of valuable instructing experience to the DE IT Consulting program. His current PCA Club Racing Porsche is a 964 which he runs in Prepared H. He obtained his PCA Club Race license in 1993, and is a driving instructor for Zone 1 and 2.

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Dan Dazzo

Dan Dazzo, of Chesapeake (CHS) Region, joined PCA in 1974 and has been a DE instructor since 1979. Formerly he was a Potomac Region Chief Driving Instructor; he assisted with the formation of the PCA Club Race program; and he was a Club Race Chief Technical Inspector. Dan brings over 50 years of extensive racing, driver training, and autocross competition experience to the DE IT Consulting program, and is he currently Administrator of the Maryland Police Drivers Training Facility. Dan is also the Safety Chair for Zone 1.

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Ellen Beck

Ellen Beck, of North Country Region (NCR), joined PCA in 1993, and she started autocrossing her first Porsche, a 944, in 1994. Soon thereafter she started driving at DEs. Ellen has been North Country Region's Chief Driving Instructor, instructs for Zone 1 and several Northeastern Regions, and is on a campaign to drive all the great North American tracks. Ellen has been Autocross Chair for Zone 1. She autocrosses regionally and at Parades in her 1989 944 S2, and she remains active in her Region, having served as its Membership Chair, Vice President, and President.

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Wally Ruiz

Wally Ruiz, of War Bonnet Region, joined PCA in 2000, and he has been a DE instructor (starting outside of PCA) since 1997. He became a PCA National Certified Instructor in 2004, and he has been racing his 911 RS America at major “bucket list” tracks in the country since 2003. Currently he is an instructor for Niagara, Metropolitan New York, Lone Star, Hill Country, and Maverick Regions (and other non-PCA organizations), and since 2003 he has developed and implemented the PCA Certified Instructor Clinic that has trained most instructors in those Regions.

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Tom Holmes

Tom Holmes, of Delaware Region, has been a PCA member since 1995, and he has been his Region’s Chief Driving Instructor since 2005. He has participated in PCA DEs as a driver since 1996, before he started instructing in 1999. Tom was one of the original mentors in the club’s Instructor Certification Program. He has been a PCA club racer for 13 years, and he now enjoys the great experience of sharing a car with his son, Mike, in PCA Club Racing.

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Scott Mann

Scott Mann, of Las Vegas Region, has been deeply involved with Porsches for more than 25 years, and he owns a small business specializing in alternative drive trains. He is presently the Chief Driving Instructor for his Region, and he has instructed for numerous other professional high-performance-driving schools. He is currently employed by Andretti Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. His track car is a modified 928, and his street car is a 500-horsepower Type 930 911 Turbo.

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