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April 2014

For this issue, engineer Pete von Behrens analyzes the 919 Hybrid, a four-wheeled racing lab with a singular goal: victory at Le Mans. Kieron Fennelly introduces us to Valentin Schäffer, the quiet force behind Porsche’s turbocharged dominance on road and track. If you’ve been wondering about Porsche’s new Macan SUV, Randy Leffingwell answers the critical questions: Does it deliver, and is it any fun to drive?

Or perhaps you’ve been feeling the need to hit the road? Pete von Behrens takes us on an adventure along the challenging coastal roads of Northern California in a trio of 997 GT3s—an RS 3.8, a RS 4.0, and a 4.1-liter RS claiming a remarkable 540 hp. German author Helmut Werb tells the fascinating tale of Robert Bosch, a slacker-turned-industrialist who founded one of the world’s great companies. Finally, Doug Demuro considers silly German cars in Porsche’s Last Laugh.

Of course, regular Panorama departments Art & Canvas, European Windows, Junior Driver, From the Regions, Street Talk, Tech Q&A, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

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9919 Hybrid
Inside Weissach's Le Mans weapon
Say hello to Porsche's 1,918-pound, 500+horsepower Le Mans prototype
Valentin Schäffer
Meet the man behind the development and dominance of turbocharged Porsches.
Rs 3.8 vs. RS 4.0 vs. RS 4.1
Road test comparison
Can an audacious 4.1-liter conversion eclipse the factory's ultimate 997 GT3 RSs?
Sports(car) Utility Vehicle
2015 Macan: First drive
Is Porsche's new mini SUV worthy of the badge? it any fun to drive?
Ignite a Spark
The Bosch you don't know
There's more to Robert Bosch GmbH than dishwashers and the parts in your Porsche.
Porsche's Last Laugh
Silly cars, and why we love them
Think our favorite Germans have lost their sense of humor lately? Well, not quite.