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April 2019

The name RUF immediately evokes the 1987 CTR prototype "Yellowbird," the company’s most well-known custom Porsche. We drove RUF’s newest creation, the 220+ mph CTR4, on the autobahn in “Rare Bird.” Northern Ohio Region member Keith Inniss was able to customize his 997.2 Targa without having to order it from the factory. Read about it in “Special Wishes.” In the 1970s, U.S. regulations required automakers to implement crash safety standards in a very short time. Porsche rose to the task with the G-series 911 "Bumper Car," tastefully integrating the bumpers into a timeless design. Very few manual-transmission Cayennes were sold, but Chesapeake Region member Minta Miller is a proud “1.8-Percenter.” Kim John Crumb is the sort of person who pours his heart into everything he does, including his 928 GT. Read about his triumphs, tragedies, and ultimate “Renewal.”

All that, plus preparing your Porsche for sale, Porsche’s Formula E entry, and more.

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Rare Bird
It's worth a million
The quest to drive 200 mph on the autobahn in a CTR4 prototype.
Special Wishes
2004 Carrera 4 Targa
A used Paint to Sample 997.2 was the perfect base on which to create a personalized Porsche.
The Bumper Car
1974 G-Series 911
How Porsche beat the odds to make its 911 one of the most attractive designs of the bumper-car era.
A rare manual-transmission Cayenne
An SUV for those who prefer driving gloves over cell phones.
A source of inspiration
Kim Crumb's 928 GT makes a successful return to Parade.