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August 2017

In this issue, follow the adventure of two Porsche 911 Baja race cars and the team that fielded them in the Mexican 1000, in "1000 Ways to Fail" by Randy Wells — then click here to watch the video. A Chicago Region member awakens his long-dormant '57 356 coupe with a bit of Italian flair in "Simplicity Redefined," by David Mathews. Longtime auto photographer John Lamm has shot many Porsches in his career, and he tells us the stories behind some of his classic Porsche pictures in "Every Picture Tells a Story." Editor-in-Chief Rob Sass bought a cheap Craigslist Porsche 924 and risked driving it from Seattle to home in Ann Arbor — read his full report, "2000 Miles in a $2,000 Porsche." Italian coachbuilder Zagato, famous for beautifying Ferraris and Aston Martins, previews a recreation of a lost Porsche project in "De-Extinction" by Axel Catton.

Of course, regular Panorama departments Tech Q&A, European Windows, From the Regions, Street Talk, Art & Canvas, Junior Driver, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

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1000 Ways to Fail
A different kind of Desert Storm
How a pair of Porsche 911s took on the grueling Baja Mexican 1000.
Simplicity Redefined
1957 356 coupe with an attitude
Chicago Region member Steve Moore made his 356 "a driver, but better."
Every Picture Tells a Story
...and every mile a memory
Road & Track alum John Lamm tells us the stories behind some of his classic Porsche photos.
2000 MIles in a $2,000 Porsche
What could go wrong?
A Craigslist 924 bargain buy proves that you can pick up a nice Porsche for less than you think.
First look at the 356 Carrera Coupe Zagato
The famous Italian coachbuilder brings a stunning lost Porsche design to life.