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December 2014

In this issue, motorsports photographer Dale Kistemaker recounts the story of his first trip to Le Mans in 24+30 and shares with us some stunning images of the 24-hour race circa 1984. In The Free Man, Laura Burstein reveals the connection between Ford's Director of Stragic Design, Freeman Thomas, and Porsche. Think you're too young to own a nice Porsche? Think again: In Cool Car, Michael Harley profiles a home-built, 911-powered 914 owned by a college student. While the most powerful street-legal Porsche makes a staggering 887 horsepower, Doug Neilson discovers in Force Fed that decades-old 928s are closing ground on that number — with help from twin turbocharging. Ever wonder how Porsche's best-selling model, the Cayenne, came to fruition? Randy Leffingwell gives us the inside story in Real Genius.

Of course, regular Panorama departments Tech Q&A, European Windows, From the Regions, Street Talk, Art & Canvas, Junior Driver, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

Note: There has been an update to Porsche Panorama digital that took effect December 15, 2014. To access the issue from this page, you must log into before clicking the Interactive Edition button. Additional log-in information is no longer required. If your PCA membership is current, the issue will load right up. To find out how to access the new Panorama mobile apps, click here.

Retrospective: Le Mans 1984
Motorsports photographer Dale Kistemaker remembers his very first taste of the ultimate 24.
The Free Man
Porsche runs through the veins of Freeman Thomas
Ford's Director of Strategic Design got his start as a designer in Porsche's design department.
Cool Car
One college student's daily driven, six-cylinder 914
Meet young PCAer Ethan Kuhl, who converted his daily driven 914 to 911 power — on the cheap.
Force Fed
Twin-turbocharged 928 S4s
Packaging two turbochargers and two intercoolers in a 928 wasn't easy, but the payoff was worth it.
Real Genius
The Cayenne was a tough sell, but sold brilliantly
The inside story behind the Cayenne, the SUV that forever changed the trajectory of Porsche AG.