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December 2020

The casual reader might take the words and photos in Panorama for granted, but getting the story right is a meticulous process. This month contributor Randy Wells uses a photo shoot on an outlaw 356 to explain some of the secrets of automotive photography in “Picture Perfect." Purists live to decry change, calling the 911 too radical a departure from the 356 or the 914 nothing but a VW. So when Porsche introduced the blasphemous water-cooled 996 in 1999, there were legions of critics. But we say “Huzzah to the Haters,” celebrating several PCAers who love their 996s. Continuing on a theme, we next take a look at the 912E and 924, which despite being entry-level four-cylinders appeal to those seeking “Simple Pleasures.” Next, Ezekiel Wheeler explores how to go about modifying an E1 Cayenne Turbo for serious boulder-bashing off-roading in “Going Off.” 

All that, plus a look at next year’s Parade in French Lick, Indiana, and the thrilling conclusion of “The Spy Collector.”

Picture Perfect
Not as easy as it looks
Behind the scenes at our photo shoot of the emory AWD 356.
Huzzahs for the Haters
Standing the test of time
The 996 is not short on naysayers, but owners of this underappreciated 911 know better.
Simple Pleasures
The merits of the 912E and the 924
Two entry-level four-cylinder Porsches that appeal to those for whom simplicity is a virtue.
Going Off
Battle of the Builds
An E1 Cayenne Turbo built to take on Death Valley.
The Spy Collector
Chapter 13
The final installment of four graphic series.