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January 2016

In this issue, learn what it feels like to drive six contemporary 911s back to back, from the standard Carrera to the fastest RSR race car in Michael Harley’s “The Whole Enchilada.” In Preston Lerner’s “The Family RSR,” Mark Hotchkis races this 1973 911 RSR at Rennsport Reunion V nearly four decades after his father John raced it at Le Mans. Ever wonder what goes into a casual episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting CoffeePanorama finds out behind the scenes, in Sean Cridland’s “Behind the Coffee.” Porsche builds a long-wheelbase Panamera, but the distance between this particular race car's axles is four inches longer than normal for a different reason, as you’ll see in Bill Oursler’s “RS 61L: The mysterious spyder.” "Clear bra" film and other car wrap technology has advanced greatly in the past couple of decades, so read Doug Neilson’s “Film at Eleven” for the information you should know before wrapping your Porsche in the protective stuff.

Of course, regular Panorama departments Tech Q&A, European Windows, From the Regions, Street Talk, Art & Canvas, Junior Driver, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

The Whole Enchilada
Driving every rear-drive 991—on track
What's it like to go from base Carrera to full-race RSR on the same day? We wanted to know, too.
The Family RSR
From Le Mans to Laguna Seca in 38 years
The Hotchkises raced this rare 1973 911 at Le Mans in 1977, and at Rennsport Reunion V in 2015.
Behind the Coffee
An inside look at Jerry Seinfeld's hit web series
On location with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and special guest Garry Shandling.
RS 61L
The mysterious spyder
The curious tale of 718-048, a German treasure that resides in America.
Film at Eleven
How to preserve your Porsche
Protective film goes far beyond bumpers these days. Here's what you need to know.