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January 2017

In this issue, join us as we drive an original 1997 Boxster and a 2017 718 Boxster side by side in Steven Cole Smith's "20/20 Vision." In "Road to the 'Ring," by Lisa Linke, learn the story of a PCA couple who went from skydiving to racing Porsches in Europe. We've seen the Accumoto 911 at racetracks around the US, and Kris Clewell now brings us its story, in "One Man's Perfect 911." Chris Andropoulos shares his knowledge in "Understanding Mechanical Fuel Injection." Read about the only factory Carrera RS 2.7 rally car to complete the Safari Rally in "Out of Africa" by Randy Wells.

Of course, regular Panorama departments Tech Q&A, European Windows, From the Regions, Street Talk, Art & Canvas, Junior Driver, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

20/20 Vision
The Boxster celebrates its 20th anniversary
We introduce Porsche's original 1997 mid-engine sports car to the new 718 Boxster.
Road to the 'Ring
From skydiving to the Green Hell
How one couple's passion for Porsches led them to form a racing team and compete at the Nüburgring.
One man's perfect 911
Accumoto's custom-built flagship
Mark White took his childhood dreams and adult experience with the 911 to build a special car.
Understanding Mechanical Fuel Injection
A tech primer
Intricate and often misunderstood, MFI systems played an important role in Porsche's history.
Out of Africa
1973 Safari Rally 911
The only Carrera 2.7 RS to complete the Safari Rally comes to America.