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January 2020

To combat lackluster sales of the 924, Porsche developed a factory racing program for Le Mans in 1980. Learn about the 924’s racing story and our driving impressions of one 924 Carrera GTR that waited 35 years to hit the track in “Better Late Than Never." Every once in awhile, a particular Porsche takes your breath away. One such example is Rob Sewell’s 1997 Vesuvio Metallic Carrera S, which shows that “It’s All in the Details.” After several different owners and decades of restoration, a 1951 356 split-window coupe was finally ready to enter the concours field at the 2018 Parade. It is definitely “The Genuine Article.” In November 2019, two of Porsche’s finest engineers, Norbert Singer and Hans Mezger, celebrated birthdays. We look back on their storied history with the company in “Singer + Mezger” and interview them about their “Major Milestones.” 

Also, Csaba Csere delves into the debate between European and American horsepower standards, and endurance racing returns to South Africa’s Kyalami track.

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It's All in the Details
Vesuvio Metallic 993 Carrera S
Subtle touches make the difference between a concours contender and an also-ran.
Better Late Than Never
924 Carrera GTR
Developed for Porsche's 924 racing program in 1981, this car waited 35 years to hit the track.
The Genuine Article
1951 356 split-window coupe
It took multiple owners and several decades, but the renovation of this early 356 was worth the wait.
Equals one dynamic duo
Two very special engineers who played crucial roles in the development of Porsche.
Major Milestones
An interview with Hans Mezger and Norbert Singer
On the occasion of their birthdays, two Porsche legends look back on their careers.
The Horsepower Debate
All power figures are not created equal
50 years of contentious conversions from German to American ponies.