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July 2019

This month we present the first installment of a Porsche-themed graphic novel called “The Spy Collector,” which we will serialize over the next several months; those who aren't members can read the first installment here. We also review the new sloping-roof “coupe” version of the Cayenne. Read Editor Sass’s impressions in “Some Like It Hot.” If the coupe isn’t your thing, the base-model Cayenne has plenty of merits, as Tom Voelk points out in “Standard Deduction.” We also drove the 500-hp GT3 Touring in Savannah and explored its dual personality in “Good & Evil.” The Petersen Automotive Museum recently ran an exhibit celebrating 70 years of Porsche. See how they dismantled it in “The Load Out,” and be sure to watch the timelapse video. Longtime North Country Region member Jay Gratton grew up in his family’s 944, which his dad sold in 2000. Eighteen years later, Jay bought the car back, so it remains “All in the Family.”

All that plus a look at the one-off prototype Boxster Bergspyder, a rundown of regional events, and more.

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Some Like It Hot!
2020 Cayenne Coupe
The Cayenne Coupe adds a little extra spice to the SUV segment.
Standard Deduction
The case for choosing a base model Cayenne
Longer, lower, lighter, and faster than the previous model, the base E3 Cayenne is no compromise.
Good & Evil
Two days with a 911 GT3 Touring in historic Savannah
With a naturally aspirated flat six and a manual transmission, the GT3 Touring appeals to purists.
The Load Out
Dismantling "The Porsche Effect"
Saying goodbye to the Petersen Automotive Museum's exhibit celebrating 70 years of Porsche.
All in the Family
A four-generation 944 returns home
A Gemini Grey 1983 944 is more than just transportation for the Gratton family.
The Spy Collector
A graphic novel
International intrigue and Porsche collectors meet in the first installment of this illustrated story.