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July 2020

To continue to thrive, a club such as PCA must not only rely on its core members but continue to attract new ones. It is with this in mind that we present this issue, which focuses on the next generation of Porsche enthusiasts. Among those young members who caught the Porsche bug is Katie Mohler, a 21-year-old Bronze-certified Porsche technician and 928 owner who's “Top of the Class.” Porsche ownership is often a multi-generational affair, as we show in “Father Knows Best” and “Humberto’s 914.” In “Changing Gears” and “Goal Oriented,” we meet two young men who took different paths to Porsche ownership but shared the common realization that nothing less than a Porsche would do. We then dive into what $15,000 can buy in “Your First Porsche.” And Ceileidh Siegel finds the perfect child car seats for young parents transporting their “Precious Cargo.”

All that plus another chapter of “Spy Collector,” a preview of next month’s revamped Mart, and a farewell to Hans Mezger.

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Changing Gears
An 18-year-old shifts into the future
This teenager was looking for a fun, cool car and ended up with a 924 that needed some love.
Goal Oriented
Patience is a virtue
Dedication and persistence were the keys that enabled one 20-something to buy a 911 SC.
Father Knows Best
914s are a family tradition
Wesley Ledesma knew the pitfalls of buying a 914, but he found a keeper.
Top of the Class
The next generation of Porsche technicians
21-year-old Katie Mohler channeled her Porsche enthusiasm into a career.
Humberto's 914
From personal tribute to concours winner
When other kids were riding bikes and playing video games, Humberto was working on Porsches.
Precious Cargo
Kid stuff
There is nothing like having your child grow up in the back seat of your Porsche.
Your First Porsche
Getting started on a $15,000 budget
Porsche is an aspirational brand, but you can buy one at a reasonable price if you know what to look for.
Spy Collector
Chapter 8
Our serialized graphic novel heads to the Swiss Alps.