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June 2019

Going out with a bang, not a whimper, is the Porsche way, as evidenced by the extraordinary GT2 RS and GT3 RS versions of the outgoing 991-series 911, which editor Sass had the enviable task of driving at Road America in “Full Speed Ahead.” As if that weren’t enough, there is a limited-edition lightweight 911 Speedster version of the 991 as well, which we drove in Sardinia. Ted West has vivid memories of a a 914/6 GT flashing by on the Nürburgring in 1970. He recently got a chance to revisit that “Giant Killer” in Pennsylvania. Some might think it mad to cram a 4.4-liter engine into a 1973 911T. Not so Jae Lee, who “Maxed Out” his street-legal track beast and loves every minute of it. Our cars are meant to be driven, at home or in exotic locales, and planned road trips are the answer. “Hit the Road” in your Porsche at Treffen North America or on a customized tour.

Plus, tips on finding the perfect used Porsche, and a 1939 Type 964 just may make auction history.

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Full Speed Ahead
GT2 RS and GT3 RS at Road America
Porsche sends the 991-series 911 off on a high note.
A return to simplicity
Celebrating analog performance in an increasingly technological world.
Giant Killer
Mean green machine
Retired in 1971 and unmolested since, this vintage Porsche 914/6 GT is back in the hunt.
Maxed Out
A freak of nature?
Jae Lee's 4.4-liter 911T subverts the Porsche paradigm.
Hit the Road
The best part of owning a Porsche is driving it
There are many ways to enjoy the open road. Here are a few you should try.