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March 2019

In Porsche's storied racing history, the 917 is the stuff of legends. On its 50th birthday, we give the 917 its proper due with a feature story “917 @ 50,” a beautiful cover photo, an interesting "Back Story," a mention in European Windows, and a book review. Also celebrating its 50th this year is the 914. In “That ’70s Car” we profile a 1975 2.0 owned by PCA member Lauren Gusler. Reaching a bit farther back, we take a look at a 1967 356 1600 Normal Coupe that has been lovingly restored after being neglected for years in “The General’s 356.” In “Desert Storm,” Randy Wells recounts Porsche’s Paris-Dakar rally cars sponsored by Rothmans. Finally, we met up with Peachstate Region members Jack and Kathy Baker at the 2018 Parade and learned about their 924S, in “The Tie That Binds,” that’s been with them since they bought it new in 1986.

All this plus the latest info and spy photo of the Taycan, cleaning your cabin filters, and much more.

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917 @ 50
A Retrospective
Porsche's most celebrated racing car hits the half-century mark.
That '70s Car
A 914 named Farrah
A 1975 914 2.0 transports its first-time Porsche owner to an earlier era.
Desert Storm
Porsche's 1984-1986 Paris-Dakar rally cars
True grit in the racing development of Porsche's legendary 959.
The General's 356
1957 1600 Normal Sunroof Coupe
A Porsche named Puddle Jumper is back in service after its military retirement.
The Tie That Binds
A one-owner 924S
A Christmas present that will never be returned.