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March 2020

It takes a special kind of person to look at a supercar and say, “You know what? I think I can make it better.” Bruce Canepa has spent years refining and tweaking the 959, and as with "Blue Note," he will build you your very own. It’s not cheap, but we promise you’ll love it. And watch the video here!. In October 2018, we took a street-legal GT2 RS to Road America to face off against a GT3 Cup racer. This month we return to Wisconsin, but this time the GT3 Cup faces a race-ready GT2 RS Clubsport in a “Road Race.” Barry Goldstein spent $7,800 for a 1983 911 SC and got what you might expect for that money. But due to lots of persistence and a bit of luck, he turned his “Diamond in the Rough” into a head-turning longnose that he loves to drive. From the late 1950s through the ’70s, hill-climb competitions were fierce battles among major manufacturers. Read about Porsche’s lightest-ever hill climber, the “Lightweight Special” 909 Bergspyder.

All that plus spy shots of the Taycan Sport Turismo, race results from Daytona, and the latest chapter in “The Spy Collector.”

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Blue Note
This modified 959 sings the right tune
Bruce Canepa is one of the very few people who can lay hands on an original Porsche and increase its value.
Road Race
Rematch at Road America
Leh Keen is behind the wheel as the GT2 RS Clubsport matches up against a 991.2 GT3 Cup.
Diamond in the Rough
Battle of the Builds
Talking to people and making connections helped make this 1983 911 SC project car shine.
Lightweight Special
The 909 Bergspyder proves that less is more
At less than 900 pounds, this hill climber was an exercise in weight reduction.
Spy Collector
Chapter Five
Our serialized graphic novel returns, with more intrigue and drama.