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May 2017

In this issue, Art Mason gives a brief history of the 928 for the Porsche’s 40th anniversary in “928 at 40,” and Christine Reed presents “928 Design Analysis.” Tom M’Guinness profiles a member and his dream car, a 924 Carrera GTR, in “The Other Carrera.” In “Endless Love,” Jerry Garrett tells the story of a man and his mother and a 1967 911S. Sean Cridland details how Chris Runge built a Porsche-powered custom inspired by the Glöckler Porsches of the 1950s, in “Time Machine.” The first Werks Reunion Amelia Island was a roaring success — find out why in Bruce Sweetman’s “A Piece of Werks,” then go watch the videos from the event.

Of course, regular Panorama departments Tech Q&A, European Windows, From the Regions, Street Talk, Art & Canvas, Junior Driver, and zwART are all present and accounted for. Enjoy the issue!

928 at 40
Retrospective on a groundbreaking Porsche
It's time to recognize the 928 as the greatest GT car of its era.
The Other Carrera
The culmination of a teenage dream
Martin Lauber's high school passion led him to this 1981 924 Carrera GTR.
Endless Love
And a very understanding mother
One owner's lifelong love affair with a 1967 911S was made possible by a loan from his mom.
Time Machine
A personal passion for the eclectic
Chris Runge's hand-built Frankfurt Flyers are proof that old-world craftsmanship is alive and well.
A Piece of Werks
An embarrassment of Porsche riches
Florida two-fer: Werks Reunion and the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance.